Welcome to Subscription Management on Algorand
Welcome to the Subtopia documentation. Subtopia is a decentralized platform that allows you to create and manage flexible on-chain subscriptions for your users. Built on the Algorand blockchain, Subtopia provides an easy-to-use and secure solution for integrating subscription payment processing and management into your app.

Features Overview

Utility as a Service

Subtopia enables you to create a subscription service in minutes with flexible configuration options. Customize your subscription service to your needs, whether you want time-based or unlimited subscription plans.

Easy Integration

Integrate Subtopia into your website using a JavaScript SDK or HTML. Advanced users can leverage the ABI interface to interact with Subtopia from their own smart contracts for quick subscription membership lookups.


Subtopia operates entirely on the Algorand blockchain, ensuring cheap and fast transactions while securely persisting your data on a public ledger.


Throughout this document you will see the following terms, here is the glossary explaining the definitions and abbreviations:
  • Subscribers: Users who subscribe to a dApp
  • Creators: Users who create dApps
  • Product: Subscription Management Infrastructure (also referred to as "Product")
  • Registry: Subscription Management Registry (also referred to as "Registry")
  • Locker: Subscription Management Locker (also referred to as "Locker")
  • Discount: An on-chain object that represents the discount to apply on subscriptions when users are purchasing them via your Product instance
  • Subscription Pass: An on-chain object that represents purchases Product subscription

Platform portals

Creator Portal

A portal accessible within the platform that aims to provide a convenient experience for Developers, Projects or Businesses to deploy their decentralized subscription management infrastructures. Currently is the most extensive operational mode offered by the platform.

User Portal

A portal accesible within the platform that aims to provide a convenient experience for Users of products that use Subtopia for their subscription infrastructure management. To be significantly expanded in future. Currently offers a central entry view to quickly choose and manage existing subscriptions.

Additional Resources

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