How it works?

High level architecture of the platform's on-chain components

The diagram effectively outlines the relationships and interactions between the different on-chain components of Subtopia system, focusing on the Registry Contract as the central entity deploying and managing Product Contracts, Creator Lockers, and User Lockers.

  1. Registry Contract (Main Entity): This contract is the central component of the system. Users interact with the Registry Contract to deploy Product Contracts. Arrows from the Registry Contract depict the creation of Product Contracts, Creator Lockers, and User Lockers.

  2. Product Contract (Integration): Once created, the Product Contract integrates with the user's project, website, or app. This integration is represented by an arrow pointing from the Product Contract to a user's project icon.

  3. Creator Locker (Revenue and Ownership Management): A Creator Locker interacts with multiple Product Contracts. It is responsible for storing revenue in an escrow, allowing creators to withdraw their earnings. Additionally, the Creator Locker serves as a lookup mechanism to determine which products a user owns. The diagram shows an instance of a Creator Locker interacting with 'N' number of Product Contracts.

  4. User Locker (Subscription Tracking and Management): The User Locker tracks active subscriptions of users and features a quick-edit UI, resembling a subscription view page seen in iOS devices. This component allows users to overview and manage their active subscriptions easily.

The diagram uses specific colors and styles to distinguish between different components and their functions:

  • User's project/website/app is marked with a light blue color.

  • Revenue Escrow is highlighted in light pink.

  • Active Subscriptions and Subscription View Page are in light cyan and light red, respectively.

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